Classes are generally available Monday & Wednesday evenings, but we are flexible! Please contact us if you have questions regarding class times!

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Cycling Classes are for everyone! No matter if you’re a first time rider or an experienced cyclist, you are bound to get a great workout, while having a good time doing so. This is a great way to build your endurance, while in a safe, fun environment. It is a challenging workout that can have anything from intervals, to sprints, to climbs in it. The cycling classes are scaled to each individual for their needs, yet everyone does the same routine. The saying…..“You get out of it, what you put into it,” applies to cycling well. Come give this class a try!

Instructor : Andrea Wenger

" I am an avid Cyclist and Mountain Biker. Not only do I enjoy riding but I also enjoy teaching others cycling as well. Having raced road bikes in the past, and currently racing mountain bikes, I have over 28 years of riding experience. I am also the Head Wooster High School Mountain Bike Team Coach. I have been teaching cycling classes for over 12 years. I enjoy seeing others progress and meet their goals, while riding and having a great time. "

Please check back frequently! As other classes become available, we will post them!

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